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  • I purchased these bath bombs as a gift and they did not disappoint. The presentation was nice the design total appeals to kids. The bath bomb itself was cute out of the package but in the tub it was amazing! The cloud and the rainbow grew and separated and the kids separated and swirled the rainbow and loved it!!

    Michael Conner
  • This is "AWESOME" is what my wife said to me. I saw sometimes my wife struggles with shaving. However, with this product, wife said it is so soft and smooth. It's a lot more convenient than any other non-electric shavers. It is very easy to clean so that you don't have to worry about maintenance. I was planning to write a review at least a month of usage however, my wife keep saying this is so great product. I highly recommend this for small gift to your girlfriend, sisters, and mother. Thanks for selling a great product. We are so satisfied. Thanks!

    Amy Warren
  • These three rainbow bombs were a hit!!! The water looks like grape juice when the kids were finished. The perfumed smell actually lingers for a few days. Smells great! It is really cool, how the rainbow trails. Lasts a long time too. The kids like that it did not melt immediately.

  • Is a great way to get a fast shave. Make sure you press down to your leg when you're doing it so you make sure is cutting your hair as short as possible, it came already charged and ready to use, the battery last me around 5 days but I do not use it everyday though - is also very easy to clean, it comes with a little brush so you can clean it. Worth for its price


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